Angel a vital ‘economic icon’ of the North
This article praises the Angel of the North for it’s positive effect on tourism; promoting the area and gaining investment. It talks about how the sculpture helped to create a new identity for the area and states “The value in promotional terms cannot be accurately measured, but the exposure generated for Gateshead would have cost millions of pounds in advertising.”

Banksy Effect
This article describes the positive impact a 12 week exhibition Banksy held in Bristol in 2009 had on the tourism and economy of the whole city.

Tate St Ives Looks to the Future
This article talks about the economic benefit the Tate St Ives has given Cornwall and how it hopes to continue this with the extension to the institute.

Survey of the Refuges d’art project’s economic and social benefits in the Digne region
This is a great study into the impact of Andy Goldsowrthy’s art hike in France.