Quanzhou Normal University

A Traditional Eggshell Painting, Traditional Painting, Lacquering Department

Art and Islands Team outside the Art and Design Faculty with the Dean and Art and Design Professors

While the team were in Quanzhou they were privileged to have a meeting with Vice Chancellor Gao Yuncheng and the Dean of the Art and Design Faculty together with a number of other professors at the Quanzhou Normal University. During the meeting Eric presented the vision of the Art and Islands Foundation and discussed with the members of Quanzhou Normal University the ways that the two organisations could work together to develop cultural exchange opportunities.

Official Reception in the boardroom of Quanzhou Normal University

Eric Snell director of Art and Islands exchanging gifts with Mr Gao Tuncheng Vice President of the Quanzhou Normal University

The team are in Shanghai today getting ready for another presentation on the roof terrace of the Fraiser Residence Hotel. If you would like more information on CIMoCA or the Art and Islands Mission please click the links.

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