Greyworld was founded in Paris in 1993 by Andrew Shoben and is a world renowned group of artists who create art in urban spaces. Their work finds expression through the mediums of installation, sculpture and multiples with the aim to create public art that involves the human in an urban context.

Greyworld’s work is centered around the presence of people; offering the opportunity to leave a trail simply by being there or passing through creating a personalisation of the environment through activity.

Art and Islands Foundation, as part of our ongoing initiative to bring leading artists to the Channel Islands, has invited Greyworld to propose a project for the initiative. The project that Greyworld proposed in response to islands with a ‘nautical’ theme is a project called Telescapes.

Telescapes is a sound x-ray. A number of floor mounted telescopes are placed at various points across the islands, overlooking different views.

These observation stations are positioned so that the telescope head faces the view. Similar to an observation point at a natural beauty spot, each telescope is freely moveable in two planes and can be directed at any portion of the facing elements of the view.Their function is clear and a small step is provided for children.

As the viewer scans their telescopic view across the cityscape, a unique sound environment is generated, relating to the specific point of focus. It is as if by looking at each area of the view one could hear the localized sounds being emitted at that point: a sound x-ray. Sounds are mapped onto fixed points within the geographical reality of the individual site. The architectural features of the buildings, beaches, pavements and sky all have their own signature sound within the overall aural palette. These sounds emerge from the telescope itself at a level that remains discreet and only fully appreciated by the user.

The installation explores the relationship between the physical and the ephemeral layers of an environment.