Sark Necklace


Both Art and Islands are about discovery. On a recent visit to the Bailiwick of Guernsey, Cornelia Parker was fascinated and intrigued by the island of Sark.  2000 million years old, Sark is one of the oldest rock formations in the world with spectacular views around the whole island.

Wanting to celebrate the extraordinary beauty, Parker has proposed to realize a very poetic and ephemeral work.

As one would look to place a necklace around a wearer to illuminate beauty, she intends to surround Sark with a conceptual string of pearls. Parker proposes to walk the cliff paths, taking with her a pearl necklace, and at various vantage points around the island ‘throw’ a pearl into the sea.

The Art and Islands Foundation is looking to document this ‘event’ and to produce an information booklet and App with maps and drawings by Parker about the ‘Pearl Necklace’ project, with the intention of encouraging visitors to Sark, to explore and discover the island for themselves.