Alderney Stones

Andy Goldsworthy Channel Islands Projects Portfolio 

Andy Goldsworthy was invited to the islands to propose a work in response to one of the islands. Goldsworthy chose Alderney and proposed the project ‘Alderney Stones’. The proposal was to install a series of rammed earth stones/boulders in different locations across the island, designed to erode over time releasing the objects embedded within them into the surrounding environment.

In all, Goldsworthy and his trusted team made a total of ten stones measuring 180cm in diameter. Contained within each stone Goldsworthy integrated a variety of locally sourced materials.

‘We have incorporated berries, seeds, old tools and discarded gloves – all these materials will then be revealed as the elements and the years wear the stones down.’ – Andy Goldsworthy, September, 2010.

The ‘stones’ were left to cure for a whole year then, in April 2011, Goldsworthy and his assistants came back to position these 3 tonne boulders. They were sited in various locations around the island and the last eleventh stone was made ‘in situ’ inside an old German bunker.

Out of all the islands within the Bailiwick, Goldsworthy selected Alderney because:

‘It seems to have a strong sense of layered past and a wide variety of locations in a small area. I hope that the Alderney Stones project will touch upon the social, geological, historical, climatic and agricultural nature of Alderney’. – Andy Goldsworthy

Made out of the very earth of the island and containing elements that Goldsworthy found on the island, the ‘stones’ will eventually disappear and become once again an invisible part of the Alderney landscape.

To see images of the stones as they have eroded over time please visit the only Andy Goldsworthy project dedicated website: